Isum 2017
March 5 - 9  2018
Mérida, Yucatán, México
9th International Supercomputing Conference In Mexico
Creating an Insightful World through Supercomputing


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Dr. Alberto Santoro

He started Physics with Professor Roberto Salmeron at the UNB (1964) but finished his degree at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1968), and Ph.D. in Physics - Universite de Paris VII - Universite Denis Diderot (1977). He is currently a retired professor at the State University of Rio de Janeiro and a visitor to the same University. Fellow of the American Physical Society (1993), medal of the National Order of Scientific Merit - Degree Commendador of the Presidency of the Republic (1995), Praise Homage of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (2005), Gold Dolphin Prize of the State of Rio de Janeiro (2005), Network Development Award from CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives), Ultralight, California - USA (2008), homage of the Nokia School of Manaus (2012). CNPq Research Productivity Scholarship 1-A. Retired Professor, currently Visiting Researcher at UERJ. Expertise in Physics, with emphasis on High Energy Experimental Physics and Particle Phenomenology, was part of the experiment that discovered the quark top and most recently the CMS / LHC that discovered the Higgs Boson. Acting mainly in the areas of heavy flavors and Frontal Physics.