Isum 2017
March 5 - 9  2018
Mérida, Yucatán, México
9th International Supercomputing Conference In Mexico
Creating an Insightful World through Supercomputing


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How to efficiently and continuously harvest, exploit and explore data in the liquid reality: do we need a blockchain ?



The expectations of a tremendous productions of data announced in the last years due to the evolution of technology and the progressive consolidation of the Internet of Things is not science fiction. Yet, the real challenge is not introduced by the volume and the velocity of data, nor by its variety but about the conditions in which such data stream will be processed in for creating which kinds of applications.
Are current data harvesting and storage techniques adapted for brontobytes and geopbytes of data? Which are the kinds of applications that will be ready to efficiently consume data while ensuring a smart vision and exploitation of the data? Do we need well adapted machines for addressing this problem? Who is going to get value out of data processing? We might also need blockchains to deal with this and create new alternatives to store, disseminate and exploit data.
The objective of this talk is to enumerate the challenges introduced by this liquid reality and discuss how to develop novel ways of managing data and present some interesting alternative ways of dealing with the “Big Data reloaded”.