Isum 2017
March 5 - 9  2018
Mérida, Yucatán, México
9th International Supercomputing Conference In Mexico
Creating an Insightful World through Supercomputing


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Dr. Daniel Gruner

SciNet HPC Consortium, University of Toronto
País: Canada


Daniel Gruner is the Chief Technical Officer at the SciNet High Performance Computing Consortium at the University of Toronto.  SciNet runs the largest academic computer systems in Canada.  Daniel has more than thirty years' experience in computational science and scientific computing, working with a variety of programming languages, parallel computing, scientific modelling, software architecture, windowing system GUI programming, administration of large Beowulf clusters and large shared-memory parallel computers, system administration, and networking.

He earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry and physics from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a doctorate in chemical physics from the University of Toronto.  

Computation is now pervasive, affecting and helping all fields of research and human endeavour.  Thus being in the middle of it, teaching researchers and enabling their work, is tremendously important.

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Duración:  1 hora